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It’s All in the Surface

An engaging rap song for teaching surface area formulas to students. Includes fun worksheets and multiple versions of the song to assist with scaffolding.

Contains: 4 versions of the song, PDF worksheets, and answer keys. Price: $3.99

This song teaches different formulas for the surface area of geometric figures. The song instructs students on how to find the surface area of sphere, cube, box, and cylinder while explaining the meaning of each variable in the different formulas. There are teaching materials, including worksheets, activities and games, which are resources for teachers and homeschool parents to create lesson plans for the song topic. With the help of "Its All in the Surface" students will have a better understanding of how to calculate surface area of geometric figures.

This math song is suitable for teaching formulas to elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade, middle school, high school, and homeschool students as well as beginning college classes.
Verse I
We’ll take it kind of slow and start with a sphere
You’ll hear it straight from me, so have no fear
r represents the radius, you know
Take 4 × πr², then you’re good to go
Got that, let’s move on to the cube
6 × a² is what you gotta do
a is the length of the side of each edge
If all y’all are flowin’ just nod your head

It’s all in the surface, so take a ride
‘Round the top and the bottom and around the sides
We inform with a purpose, the formulas for surface
Yeah, that’s the area we’re gonna describe

Verse II
Stay with me, it’s gonna get tricky
When you’re dealing with a box it’s a little more iffy
a, b, and c are the lengths of three sides
With different combinations, just multiply
2 × a × b, add it to the 2 × b × c,
and add it to the 2 × c × a
Now you’re dealing with the surface of a box (OK!)


Verse III
The surface of a cylinder may take a little time
It’s the top and bottom plus around the side
If it helps think of a Coca-Cola® can
So you can make more sense of the formula at hand

2 × πr² added with the 2 × πrh
h is the height, all right? That’s it, you see
The cylinder’s surface is a breeze


Math Is Fun
This site explains the characteristic of the cylinder, including the equations for findings its surface area and volume. Wonderful visuals.
Grades 4-8

This site explains the characteristics of the sphere, and the equations for finding its surface area and volume. Like the previous sit, this has great visuals and wonderful information.
Grades 4-8

Lesson Plans & Activities

Illinois Institute of Technology
Volume and Surface Area
This activity teaches students the difference between volume and surface area.
Grades 4-6

Math Forum
Surface Area of a Sphere
This visualization exercise should help students better understand how to find the surface area of a sphere. This is an interesting site for visual understanding.
Grades 5-8
Surface area of a sphere
This site explains things clearly with good visuals. Good for multiple grades.
Grades 4-8

Surface area of a cube
Great illustrations of all aspects of a cube. Easy to see and use.
Grades 4-8
Illustrations of objects
The mother lode of illustrations of various object and their formulas. A must for any classroom
Grades 4-8

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